Chiyoko Yano Interview Segment 1

Parents' immigration to the United States (ddr-densho-1013-9-1) - 00:06:04
Living in Japan until age six (ddr-densho-1013-9-2) - 00:04:12
Memories of childhood in Oakland, California (ddr-densho-1013-9-3) - 00:05:58
Attending high school, deciding to go on to college (ddr-densho-1013-9-4) - 00:02:50
Taking classes at Berkeley before going to work to help support family (ddr-densho-1013-9-5) - 00:06:41
Burning Japanese books after the bombing of Pearl Harbor: "There was a worry of being targeted" (ddr-densho-1013-9-6) - 00:06:13
Supportive neighbors watch home and possessions during the war (ddr-densho-1013-9-7) - 00:04:35
Memories of the Tanforan Assembly Center (ddr-densho-1013-9-8) - 00:04:10
Arrival in Topaz (ddr-densho-1013-9-9) - 00:03:36
Working for the War Relocation Authority's Central Statistics in camp (ddr-densho-1013-9-10) - 00:08:49
Husband's wartime experiences as a Japanese national (ddr-densho-1013-9-11) - 00:04:40
Being introduced to future husband (ddr-densho-1013-9-12) - 00:05:42
Getting married in camp (ddr-densho-1013-9-13) - 00:04:05
Husband's work with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) (ddr-densho-1013-9-14) - 00:02:31
Working for the War Relocation Authority in Washington, D.C. (ddr-densho-1013-9-15) - 00:07:17
Returning to Topaz to have a child (ddr-densho-1013-9-16) - 00:03:56
Leaving camp and returning to Berkeley (ddr-densho-1013-9-17) - 00:04:42
Living in Japan during the U.S. occupation: witnessing the devastation (ddr-densho-1013-9-18) - 00:07:34
Life in postwar Japan: being mistaken for a Japanese citizen (ddr-densho-1013-9-19) - 00:07:33
Returning to Berkeley after living in Japan (ddr-densho-1013-9-20) - 00:02:36
Working in various jobs in Berkeley (ddr-densho-1013-9-21) - 00:05:18
Working for the International House at UC Berkeley (ddr-densho-1013-9-22) - 00:10:12
Reflections (ddr-densho-1013-9-23) - 00:06:32
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ddr-densho-1013-9-1 (Legacy UID: denshovh-ychiyoko_2-01-0001)

Parents' immigration to the United States

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August 1, 2008

Topaz Museum Collection

Topaz Museum Collection


Chiyoko Yano

Chiyoko Yano Interview

02:05:46 — 23 segments

August 1, 2008

Berkeley, California

Nisei female. Born February 27, 1918, in Oakland, California. Grew up in Oakland before being removed to the Tanforan Assembly Center, California, and the Topaz concentration camp, Utah. In Topaz, worked for the War Relocation Authority in the Central Statistics Division. Husband served in the OSS, the Office of Strategic Services. Lived in Japan during the U.S. occupation before eventually returning to Berkeley. Worked for UC Berkeley's International House.

Megan Asaka, interviewer; Dana Hoshide, videographer

Topaz Museum Collection

Courtesy of Watsonville - Santa Cruz JACL Collection