Nelson Takeo Akagi Interview Segment 1

Father's background: working for a prominent rancher (ddr-densho-1013-2-1) - 00:05:54
Description of mother: learning how to cook non-Japanese foods (ddr-densho-1013-2-2) - 00:08:08
Twin older brothers sent to Japan as children (ddr-densho-1013-2-3) - 00:09:46
Elementary school segregated according to town vs. farm children (ddr-densho-1013-2-4) - 00:03:15
Experiencing discrimination as a child: barred from public pool, Boy Scouts (ddr-densho-1013-2-5) - 00:07:55
Japanese community picnics (ddr-densho-1013-2-6) - 00:05:00
Excelling in school, enrolling in college (ddr-densho-1013-2-7) - 00:04:59
Hearing about the bombing of Pearl Harbor while away at college; isolated from news (ddr-densho-1013-2-8) - 00:07:48
Selling property at a loss (ddr-densho-1013-2-9) - 00:06:08
Community reactions to FBI arrests (ddr-densho-1013-2-10) - 00:07:58
Harvesting tomatoes up until last minute before leaving home (ddr-densho-1013-2-11) - 00:07:47
Family's fears that father would be arrested by the FBI: "Dad was petrified" (ddr-densho-1013-2-12) - 00:05:17
Leaving home with family to work on a sugar beet farm (ddr-densho-1013-2-13) - 00:08:01
Working on a sugar beet farm in Idaho instead of going to camp (ddr-densho-1013-2-14) - 00:07:08
Being asked to sign the so-called "loyalty questionnaire" outside of camp (ddr-densho-1013-2-15) - 00:06:30
Family responses to the so-called "loyalty questionnaire" and draft (ddr-densho-1013-2-16) - 00:05:15
Being called a "Jap" during basic training (ddr-densho-1013-2-17) - 00:08:58
An encounter with an Italian family while serving in Europe (ddr-densho-1013-2-18) - 00:10:04
Poignant memories during combat (ddr-densho-1013-2-19) - 00:05:20
The 522nd Field Artillery Battalion's role in the rescue of the "Lost Battalion" (ddr-densho-1013-2-20) - 00:08:16
The 522nd's separation from the 442nd (ddr-densho-1013-2-21) - 00:07:33
Liberating a sub-camp of the Dachau concentration camp (ddr-densho-1013-2-22) - 00:05:05
A reunion with one of the concentration camp survivors (ddr-densho-1013-2-23) - 00:09:33
Suffering Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome for years after World War II (ddr-densho-1013-2-24) - 00:12:59
Joining the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints (ddr-densho-1013-2-25) - 00:05:47
Thoughts on the Mormon church in postwar Salt Lake City (ddr-densho-1013-2-26) - 00:06:25
Description of the Dai Ichi ward of the Mormon church (ddr-densho-1013-2-27) - 00:05:22
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ddr-densho-1013-2-1 (Legacy UID: denshovh-anelson-01-0001)

Father's background: working for a prominent rancher

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June 3, 2008

Topaz Museum Collection

Topaz Museum Collection


Nelson Takeo Akagi

Nelson Takeo Akagi Interview

03:12:11 — 27 segments

June 3, 2008

Salt Lake City, Utah

Nisei male. Born July 27, 1923, in Lindsay, California. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, moved with family to Idaho for "voluntary evacuation," where they worked harvesting sugar beets for the U&I Sugar Company. Volunteered for the army during World War II. Served with the 522nd Field Artillery Battalion, and was present at the liberation of one of Dachau concentration camp's sub-camps. After the war, settled in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Tom Ikeda, interviewer; Dana Hoshide, videographer

Topaz Museum Collection