Alan Kumamoto Segment 4

Father's prewar work as a pharmacist in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo (ddr-densho-1000-464-1) - 0:09:52
Description of maternal grandparents (ddr-densho-1000-464-2) - 0:10:14
Being raised Catholic (ddr-densho-1000-464-3) - 0:07:31
A few recollections of camp as a child (ddr-densho-1000-464-4) - 0:09:20
Childhood memories of camp (ddr-densho-1000-464-5) - 0:04:31
Father joins the Military Intelligence Service (ddr-densho-1000-464-6) - 0:04:26
Leaving camp for Chicago (ddr-densho-1000-464-7) - 0:09:20
Returning to Los Angeles, father's work in a drug store (ddr-densho-1000-464-8) - 0:06:46
Attending school (ddr-densho-1000-464-9) - 0:07:04
Memories of Los Angeles' Little Tokyo just after the war (ddr-densho-1000-464-10) - 0:06:25
Going to high school with few other Japanese Americans (ddr-densho-1000-464-11) - 0:13:14
Using judo as a response to bullying (ddr-densho-1000-464-12) - 0:05:58
Getting involved in community organizations: Japanese American Community Services (ddr-densho-1000-464-13) - 0:12:32
Working for Mitsui and Company (ddr-densho-1000-464-14) - 0:08:21
Taking a new position of National Youth Director with the Japanese American Citizens League (ddr-densho-1000-464-15) - 0:11:22
Working with youth at the Japanese American Citizens League (ddr-densho-1000-464-16) - 0:06:39
Working to get younger people accepted in the Japanese American Citizens League (ddr-densho-1000-464-17) - 0:07:18
Post-Japanese American Citizens League activities (ddr-densho-1000-464-18) - 0:05:41
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A few recollections of camp as a child

0:09:20 — Segment 4 of 18

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February 7, 2019

Densho Visual History Collection


Courtesy of Densho


Alan Kumamoto

Alan Kumamoto Interview

2:27:31 — 18 segments

February 7, 2019

Los Angeles, California

Sansei male. Born January 21, 1940, in Los Angeles, California. While very young, removed with family to the Santa Anita Assembly Center, California, and the Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming. Father joined the Military Intelligence Service out of camp, and Alan and his mother resettled in Chicago, Illinois. After father rejoined the family, they returned to Los Angeles' Little Tokyo neighborhood. After graduating from college, got involved in several Japanese American community organizations. In the 1960s, took a newly created position, National Youth Director, with the Japanese American Citizens League.

Brian Niiya, interviewer; Dana Hoshide, videographer


Courtesy of Densho