Seattle Chapter, JACL Reporter, Vol. XX, No. 5, May 1983

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Seattle Chapter JACL
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Seattle JACL Newsletter Collection

Newsletter covering the following topics: Scholarship Awardees: Tamesa-Mary Ishii and Jeff Sakuma ($500); Andrews-Karen Kaminishi ($400); CWRIC report, ?Personal Justice Denied,? available for the public, 467 pages long; interesting exchange about Seattle representation at a Tri-District meeting in Reno that also hosted a meeting with the NCRR and Washington Coalition for Redress/Reparations and the National JACL Redress Committee. Cherry Kinoshita, Chuck Kato, and Mako Nakagawa were scheduled to go, Min Yasui, chair, said they were not wanted. A heated exchange occurred during Board discussion with some objected to Seattle?s treatment as a ?Maverick? chapter. Subsequently, Cherry and Chuck did attend; letter from William Hohri explaining class action suit asking for redress; Puyallup Memorial is proceeding. 100 feet with the gate. George Tsutakawa designing and constructing the monument.

May. 1983




Courtesy of the University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, Japanese American Citizens League, Seattle Chapter Records Collection, #0537