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    "title": "Seattle Chapter, JACL Reporter, Vol. XX, No. 5, May 1983",
    "description": "Newsletter covering the following topics: Scholarship Awardees: Tamesa-Mary Ishii and Jeff Sakuma ($500); Andrews-Karen Kaminishi  ($400); CWRIC report, ?Personal Justice Denied,? available for the public, 467 pages long; interesting exchange about Seattle representation at a Tri-District meeting in Reno that also  hosted a meeting with the NCRR and Washington Coalition for Redress/Reparations and the  National JACL Redress Committee. Cherry Kinoshita, Chuck Kato, and Mako Nakagawa were  scheduled to go, Min Yasui, chair, said they were not wanted. A heated exchange occurred during Board discussion with some objected to Seattle?s treatment as a ?Maverick? chapter. Subsequently, Cherry and Chuck did attend; letter from William Hohri explaining class action suit asking for redress; Puyallup Memorial is proceeding.  100 feet with the gate.  George Tsutakawa designing and  constructing the monument.",
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    "creation": "May. 1983",
    "location": "Seattle, Washington",
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            "role": "Seattle Chapter, JACL"
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    "contributor": "Densho",
    "digitize_person": "Coon, Caitlin Oiye",
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    "credit": "Courtesy of the University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections, Japanese American Citizens League, Seattle Chapter Records Collection, #0537",
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