Pacific Citizen, Vol. 72, No. 8 (February 26, 1971)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1971 Collection

Selected article titles: "Asian administrators wanted at Seattle community college" (p. 1), "Work incentive plan proposed to reduce public welfare rolls" (p. 1), "Kitano talks to full house on 'racism'" (p. 1), "United Way 'tokenism' angers JACs to raise $50,000 on its own" (p. 2), "Asian Yale students receive apology from radio d.j. on ill-conceived joke" (p. 2), "Need organizations like JACL and NAACP to keep America honest, says Colley" (p. 4)

February 26, 1971



Pacific Citizen

Courtesy of the Pacific Citizen Collection, Densho