Pacific Citizen, Vol. 71, No. 13 (September 25, 1970)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1970 Collection

Selected article titles: "19 Succumb in Issei Operated L.A. Hotel Fire" (p. 1), "'Perfecting' amendments to Title II repeal inserted" (p. 1), "PSWDC backs Issei housing plans" (p. 1), "A slit throat hasn't scared Ranko" (p. 1), "Lack evidence in racial slur charge by five" (p. 2), "Majority disapprove anti-miscegenation law" (p. 2), "Seminar told Evacuation left 'scars' on Nikkei" (p. 2), "It didn't take too long for Truman to decide to drop A-bomb on Hiroshima" (p. 3), "Inquiring reporter asks San Joseans about 'relocation camp' in next war" (p. 4).

September 25, 1970



Pacific Citizen

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