Pacific Citizen, Vol. 70, No. 17 (May 1, 1970)

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Pacific Citizen 1970 Collection

Selected article titles: "Bomb rips Seattle Japanese church" (p. 1), "Absolves loyal order of moose in refusing Negro service" (p. 1), "JACLers urged to reduce poverty and racism in U.S." (p. 1), "First textbook by Nisei teachers on Japanese Americans expected in July" (p. 2), "Property of Nisei family provides 'Honda Hill' for trail bike enthusiasts" (p. 2), "Japanese shiitake contains antigens against influenza and cholesterol" (p. 2), "Berkeley board OK's $27,000 for Asian Studies" (p. 3), "Optimism seen in '70s for civil rights" (p. 4), "Salt Lake Sansei 'loud and clear' on their views of interracial marriages" (p. 6).

May 1, 1970



Pacific Citizen

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