Pacific Citizen, Vol. 64, No. 5 (February 3, 1967)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1967 Collection

Selected article titles: "New approach on fair housing law detailed: Rumford Act doomed because of provisions unacceptable by majority of California voters" (p. 1), "Tule Lake still leased to U.S., says N.Y. writer" (p. 1), "D.C. JACL backs up marriage law repeal" (p. 1), "Issei-Nisei success within one life span impresses Japan envoy" (p. 1), "San Jose JACL remembers those who helped Japanese in 1942" (p. 3), "Slave Girls from pre-Meiji Japan in U.S." (p. 4), "Burakumin like the U.S. Negro" (p. 4), "Ohioan complains of Nisei resident but gets no help from police or paper" (p. 6), "California farm reporter amazed by modern techniques in Japan" (p. 8), "Anglo poor more numerous than others in Southwest area" (p. 8).

February 3, 1967




Courtesy of the Pacific Citizen