Pacific Citizen, Vol. 65, No. 11 [8] (August 25, 1967)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1967 Collection

Selected article titles: "Military role over civilians during wartime not functional" (p. 1), "Sansei police officer doesn't rely on arms but 'self-control' in arrests" (p. 1), "Japanese specialty store, attractively groomed, may be way for stemming core city deterioration" (p. 1), "What the Negro youngsters hear of 'black' race" (p. 3), "Loren Miller helped turn the tide of U.S. Supreme Court on racial matters" (p. 3), "Anti-poverty program not responsible for city unrest" (p. 3), "Negro middle-class unlike Nisei middle-class, still faces bias" (p. 3), "Chapter comments on JACL role in anti-miscegenation repeal" (p. 3), "Role of Nisei in civil rights today is to create climate of right thinking" (p. 4).

August 25, 1967




Courtesy of the Pacific Citizen