Pacific Citizen, Vol. 43, No. 21 (November 22, 1956)

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Pacific Citizen 1956 Collection

Selected article titles: "JACL Policy Statement: Stand on Japanese temporary farm workers cautions gov't" (p. 1), "Grievance Committee to hear job discrimination in Fresno set up" (p. 1), "Japanese farm laborers from Hokkaido happy working on truck crops in Oxnard area, but 'homesick' too; climate like home" (p. 1), "Soviet-Japan relations" (p. 2), "34 Nisei win in Hawaiian election, more active politicking reported" (p. 2), "Administration of small claims court by night suggested by Judge Aiso to reduce loss of wages by employees" (p. 3), "Issei returning to retire in Japan greatly disappointed, some returning to America" (p. 3), "Housewives in politics" (p. 3), "Fish lure devised while in Poston camp by Watsonville Nisei becomes popular" (p. 5), "Nisei Canadians alerted to lesson of alleged bias at Gilroy hot springs" (p. 5), "Supreme Court rules bus segregation violates 14th Amendment in Alabama case" (p. 7), "Emergency conference proposed to moot future of nat'l JCCA; former nat'l sec'y Tanaka criticizes present modified form" (p. 8), "Canadian columnist cites Nisei apathy" (p. 8).

November 22, 1956



Pacific Citizen

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