Pacific Citizen, Vol. 42, No. 23 (June 8, 1956)

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Pacific Citizen 1956 Collection

Selected article titles: "Mayor Taft Cities C.L. for Progress of Nisei in U.S." (p. 1), "Nisei vet bucks housing bias in Las Vegas" (p. 1), "Letter to San Francisco editor bares discrimination against Nisei home-buyer" (p. 1), "Clovis Nisei float wins first prize" (p. 3), "Bookkeeper admits theft from doctors, $10,000 involved" (p. 3), "Reno CL restores graves of early Nevada Japanese" (p. 4), "Venice-Culver CL's Japanese food booth attraction at International Smorgasbord" (p. 5), "Downtown L.A. Wins Nisei Olympics Again as 16 Marks Shattered; S.F. Cees Aid in Capture of Perpetual Cup" (p. 6), "25,000 Japanese Married to American Servicemen Since '47, Embassy Reports" (p. 7), "Senate amendment to evacuation claims bill to raise ceiling of compromise to $100,000 draws no JACL, COJAEC objection" (p. 8), "Close to 4,000 Japanese Admitted as Permanent Residents to U.S. in 1955" (p. 8), "Visas to indigenous Asian refugees under Refugee Relief Act almost exhausted" (p. 8).

June 8, 1956



Pacific Citizen

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