The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 28 No. 26 (January 4, 1947)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1947 Collection

Selected article titles: Proposed Legislation Will Give Recognition to Japanese Aliens Who Aided U.S. in War" (p. 1), "Renunciant Files Case to Regain California Land" (p. 1), "Dismiss Aratani Case Testing California School Segregation" (p. 1), "Independent Group Will Fight For Evacuation Claims Bill" (p. 1), "Canada's Ban Against Return Of Evacuees to West Coast Will Expire With Wartime Powers" (p. 3), "Disclose 6678 GIs Trained in Language School Program Of Military Intelligence Service" (p. 3), "New York Times Writer Notes Political Awakening of Nisei" (p. 7).

January 4, 1947



Pacific Citizen

Courtesy of the Pacific Citizen