The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 22 No. 2 (January 12, 1946)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1946 Collection

Selected article titles: "Justice Department Initiates Hearings for 3000 Persons Who Wish to Remain in U.S." (p. 1), "Vandals Smash Glass in Store Owned by Nisei" (p. 1), "Japanese American Issue Raised at Hawaii Hearing. No Danger of Nisei Voting Bloc Seen by Proponents of Statehood Status for Islands" (p. 1), "Order Relaxes Restrictions on Enemy Aliens" (p. 1), "Fire Destroys School Building at Tule Lake Center" (p. 1), "Army Colonel Calls on Civic Leaders for Militant Activity to Prevent Anti-Evacuee Acts" (p. 2), "[Report] 22,500 Nisei Served in U.S. Army" (p. 3), "Canada Government Proceeds With Plans for Deportation of Repatriates, Renunciants" (p. 3), "Clarification by Alien Property Custodian Calms Fears of Issei on Seizure of Holdings" (p. 3), "Tule Lake Begins Year with Population Of Seven Thousand" (p. 3).

January 12, 1946



Pacific Citizen

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