The Pacific Citizen, Vol. 17 No. 23 (December 11, 1943)

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The Pacific Citizen
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Pacific Citizen 1943 Collection

Selected article titles: "Military 'Fluke' Gave Army's Japanese American Battalion Chance to Fight on Italy Front" (p. 1), "Report Rivers Evacuee Shot By Army Sentry. Refused to Answer Challenge of Soldier, Says WRA Official" (p. 1), "Japanese American Woman, Wife of Chinese, Receives Permission to Return Home. Reported First Nisei To Win Right to Reenter Seattle Region" (p. 3), "The Evacuation Test Case: Coast Federal Appeals Court Upholds Legality of Military Order in Korematsu Case" (p. 5), "Dillon Myer Expresses WRA Hope of Relocating 70,000 Eligible Evacuees in 1944. Relocation Director Singles Out Hearst Papers For Inflammatory Articles on Japanese Americans Story of Tule Lake Affair Told in New York City" (p. 8).

December 11, 1943



Pacific Citizen

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