Nippu Jiji Photograph Archive, "Japanese American" Collection

Dennis M. Ogawa Nippu Jiji Photograph Collection
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This collection consists of photographs and newspaper clippings under the original "Japanese American" section of the Nippu Jiji photograph library. The materials in the "Japanese American" Collection document Japanese American community news, primarily in the 1930s through the 1950s.



~ 5000 black and white photographic prints and newspaper clippings

Hawai'i Times Photo Archives Foundation

Courtesy of the Hawai'i Times Photo Archives Foundation

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Copyright restricted

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Envelope of Sanji Abe photographs (ddr-njpa-5-1)
doc Envelope of Sanji Abe photographs (ddr-njpa-5-1)
Caption on front [translation]: "The Senator 1941. The former vice chief of the police department. visiting Japan 6/29/40. coming back 8/24/40. the president of international performance Inc. 7/25/41 – going to the U.S. 9/10/41 – coming back."
Sanji Abe (ddr-njpa-5-10)
img Sanji Abe (ddr-njpa-5-10)
Translation of caption: Vice chief of the Hilo police department.

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