Galeazzo Ciano hunting with Boleslaw Wieniawa-Dlugoszowski and Jozef Beck

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Dennis M. Ogawa Nippu Jiji Photograph Collection
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ddr-njpa-1-49 (G21.003)

Nippu Jiji Photograph Archive, "Gaijin" Collection

Caption on reverse [translation]: "Poland at a Crossroads. (Warsaw) Domei. With the increasing division of the nations of Europe into two large blocs, the actions of Poland have been drawing notice recently. Italian Foreign Minister Ciano visited Poland on February 25, where he met with influential figures. Photograph: (from left) Count Ciano, Polish Ambassador to Italy Dlugoszowski, and Polish Foreign Minister Beck hunting. [stamped] March 24, 1939."

March 24, 1939



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