List of forwarding addresses of Manzanar educators

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Manzanar National Historic Site
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Mary Jean Kramer Spallino Collection

Miscellaneous Documents


  • McBride, Thelma J.
  • Hayes, Mary H.
  • Adams, Lucy
  • Campbell, Richard Dale
  • Sisler, Oliver
  • Wentner, Lyle G.
  • Robbins, Eva M.
  • Greenlee, Clyde
  • Gavigan, Irene V.
  • Bartlett, Agnes
  • Wyant, Walter
  • Potts, Walter
  • Potts, Marion
  • Davis, Arch
  • Wood, Patricia
  • McNair, James L.
  • Beall, Ruby
  • Carter, Genevive
  • Anderson, Ann
  • D'Ille
  • Margaret
  • Gleason, George
  • Travis, Tamara
  • Campbell, Alan G.
  • Heath, Walter
  • Moore, Adele
  • Beckwith, Ruth E.
  • Zimmerman
  • Chloe A.
  • Morgan, Virgil
  • Woods, Velma
  • Sanger, Mary E.

Manzanar National Historic Site

Courtesy of Manzanar National Historic Site and the Mary Jean Kramer Spallino Collection