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This collection consists of interviews conducted in by the Japanese American National Museum of Los Angeles, California in partnership with Densho. For more information about the museum, please visit www.janm.org.

6 oral history interviews

Japanese American National Museum

Courtesy of the Japanese American National Museum

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Richard Kosaki Interview (ddr-janm-13-1)
vh Richard Kosaki Interview (ddr-janm-13-1)
Nisei male. Born September 14, 1924, in Waikiki, Hawaii. Attended McKinley High School, where he was student body president, just prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941. Served as a language instructor for the U.S. Military Intelligence Service during World War II, and was stationed in Japan during the U.S. occupation. Earned PhD in …
Wally Yonamine Interview (ddr-janm-13-2)
vh Wally Yonamine Interview (ddr-janm-13-2)
Nisei-han male. Born June 24, 1925, in Maui, Hawaii. Grew up in a small village on a sugar plantation. Played football in high school, transferring to Honolulu. Signed with the San Francisco 49ers in 1947, but ended football career with an injury. In 1951, signed with the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants, the first American to play in …
Norman Mineta Interview (ddr-janm-13-3)
vh Norman Mineta Interview (ddr-janm-13-3)
Nisei male. Born November 12, 1931, in San Jose, California. During World War II, removed to Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming. Graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, and served in the military as an intelligence officer in Japan and Korea. Served on the San Jose City Council from 1967 to 1971, and as mayor …
John Tateishi Interview (ddr-janm-13-4)
vh John Tateishi Interview (ddr-janm-13-4)
Nisei male. Born August 21,1939, in Lawndale, California. Served as National Redress Director of the Japanese American Citizens League (JACL), and was involved in the movement to obtain redress and reparations for Japanese Americans. Founded Tateishi/Shinoda and Associates, a management and public affairs consulting firm. In 1999, became the National Executive Director of the JACL.
Daniel Inouye Interview (ddr-janm-13-5)
vh Daniel Inouye Interview (ddr-janm-13-5)
Nisei male. Born September 7, 1924, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Served in the all-volunteer, all-Nisei, 442nd Regimental Combat Team during World War II, lost his right arm in action and earned the Distinguished Service Cross. Following the war, became an attorney, then a six-term senator for Hawaii. Sat on the Select Committee on Intelligence, Select Committee on …
Toyoko Okumura Interview (ddr-janm-13-6)
vh Toyoko Okumura Interview (ddr-janm-13-6)
Nisei female. Born October 14, 1916, in Gardena, California. Following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, removed to the Santa Anita Assembly Center, California, and the Jerome concentration camp, Arkansas. In response to the so-called "loyalty questionnaire," transferred to Tule Lake segregation center with family, and expatriated to Japan. Worked in Japan for the U.S. government and …