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Baseball game (ddr-densho-9-2)
img Baseball game (ddr-densho-9-2)
This baseball game was at the Columbia playfield.
Three women on a farm (ddr-densho-9-3)
img Three women on a farm (ddr-densho-9-3)
Left to right: Teruko Hoshino, Katsuyo Hoshino, and Mitsue Shiraishi.
Two children (ddr-densho-9-4)
img Two children (ddr-densho-9-4)
Katsuyo Hoshino (left) and (first name unknown) Tashiro.
Child in a field (ddr-densho-9-5)
img Child in a field (ddr-densho-9-5)
Baby Tashiro. (Identification on photograph.)
Summer home (ddr-densho-9-8)
img Summer home (ddr-densho-9-8)
This is the summer home of Masajiro Furuya, a successful merchant and banker in the Pacific Northwest. Masajiro Furuya was born in Yamanishi Prefecture, Japan, in 1862 and made his fortune in Washington State as a banker, merchant, and labor contractor. Furuya, a tailor by trade, immigrated to Seattle in 1890 and eventually opened his own …
Picking produce (ddr-densho-9-12)
img Picking produce (ddr-densho-9-12)
Japanese American farmers picking produce.
Family relaxing on farm (ddr-densho-9-15)
img Family relaxing on farm (ddr-densho-9-15)
This farm was operated by the Kodani family.[1]
Woman with squash (ddr-densho-9-16)
img Woman with squash (ddr-densho-9-16)
Fujiye Itami sitting amongst marblehead squash.
Community picnic (ddr-densho-9-25)
img Community picnic (ddr-densho-9-25)
The Japanese consul breaks open a melon at the Japanese American community picnic in Bellevue, Washington.
Japanese American farmhouse (ddr-densho-9-27)
img Japanese American farmhouse (ddr-densho-9-27)
The Shiraishis' family dog, Chubbie, sits in front of their farmhouse.

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