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Kaneko Collection

Original WRA caption: It's suppertime for the kiddies and in their well-furnished, well-stocked kitchen Mrs. George Isoda, left, and Mrs. Masumi Kaneko, right, are preparing the evening meal for their children. With a pair of "ohashis", Mrs. Isoda is preparing a vegetable dish for her 2-1/2 -year-old son, Robin, on the left, while Mrs. Kaneko is giving her 2-1/2 -year-old son, Wayne, some eagerly-awaited sukiyaki. The Kanekos and the Isodas live in a large 6-room, 2-story house in Milwaukee. The [unreadable] Isoda and Kaneko are sisters and with their husbands resettled together in Milwaukee. The Isodas, previously from Los Angeles where Isoda owned a service station, lived in Granada Relocation Center before coming to Milwaukee in April, 1943. The Kanekos lived in Seattle, Washington, where Mr. Masumi Kaneko was an auto salesman. They lived in Hunt Relocation Center before coming to Milwaukee in June, 1943, where Mr. Kaneko is a compositor for a printing company. Beginning in summer 1942, the War Relocation Authority (WRA) began to release incarcerees and encouraged them to resettle in areas of the United States other than the West Coast.



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Courtesy of the Kaneko Family Collection, photo by the War Relocation Authority

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