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This collection contains selected articles from the San Francisco Chronicle. The articles are all from the early 1900s, and demonstrate the anti-Asian sentiment depicted in the U.S. media at the time.



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doc "Japanese a Menace to American Women" (ddr-densho-69-1)
Full headline: "Japanese a Menace to American Women. Female Help is Being Driven Out. Unclean Practices of Orient Bringing Degredation and Debasement in the Train of Unrestricted Immigration."
doc Editorial: "Japanese Cheap Labor" (ddr-densho-69-3)
Full headline: "Japanese Cheap Labor. It Is Not Needed Here and Should Not Be Admitted."
doc "Assembly Adopts the Resolution Unanimously" (ddr-densho-69-5)
Full headline: "Assembly Adopts the Resolution Unanimously. Strong Arguments Against Japanese Labor Expressed Even by Representatives of Farmers and Miners."
doc Editorial: "The Japanese Question" (ddr-densho-69-6)
Full headline: "The Japanese Question. It Is Now Squarely Before the National Government."
doc Editorial: "Japanese and Fruit" (ddr-densho-69-7)
Full headline: "Japanese and Fruit. We Had Much Better Have Neither Than Both."
doc "Japanese Control the Vacaville Labor Situation" (ddr-densho-69-8)
Full headline: "Japanese Control the Vacaville Labor Situation. Building Trades Council Wants Japanese Excluded. Fruit Crop is Now in Danger. Coolie Workmen Threaten Strike That Will Bring Ruin to Orchardists of Valley Unless Terms Are Granted."
doc "Urge Exclusion of Japanese" (ddr-densho-69-10)
Full headline: "Urge Exclusion of Japanese. Federation of Mission Clubs Warmly Indorses 'Chronicle's' Attitude on Labor."
doc "Adult Japanese Crowd Out Children" (ddr-densho-69-11)
Full headline: "Adult Japanese Crowd Out Children. Coolie Immigrants Exercise a Baneful Influence and Generally Demoralize the Educational System of the City."

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