Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians Collection ddr-densho-67

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Statement of Kiyoshi Sonoda (ddr-densho-67-364)
doc Statement of Kiyoshi Sonoda (ddr-densho-67-364)
Written statement of Kiyoshi Sonoda. This statement was submitted for the hearings on Senate Bill S. 2116 in August of 1984.
Testimony of John Kanda (ddr-densho-67-365)
doc Testimony of John Kanda (ddr-densho-67-365)
Written testimony of John Masayoshi Kanda of Auburn, Washington. Incarcerated in the Pinedale Assembly Center and Tule Lake concentration camp, California. This testimony was presented at the CWRIC hearing in Seattle, Washington, on Thursday, September 10, 1981, in the section titled "Impact on Japanese American Veterans." Personal information excised by Densho.

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