Memorandum for the Solicitor General, Re: Japanese Brief

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ddr-densho-67-68 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i67-00068)

Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians Collection

Memo to the Solicitor General from Edward J. Ennis about an article written by Lt. Com. K. D. Ringle. Pg. 1: Ennis summarizes the article, which states that the Japanese are loyal, thus internment should have been on an individual basis. Pg. 2: Ringle's views are shared by the Navy, who thinks that evacuation was handled "very badly." Pg. 3: Ennis questions the legitimacy of the army's position (that evacuating all people of Japanese descent was necessary) and the ability of the Justice Department to defend the army's actions given this article and the position of the Navy. Pg. 4: Ennis strongly suggests that not sharing this information with the Supreme Court "might approximate the suppression of evidence."


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