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Issei portrait (ddr-densho-66-1)
img Issei portrait (ddr-densho-66-1)
Frank S. Fujii's parents: Mr. Jimmy Raisaku Fujii and Mrs. Shizue (Mitsuno) Fujii.
Family photograph (ddr-densho-66-2)
img Family photograph (ddr-densho-66-2)
Fujii family sisters and mother: Back (L to R): Junko/June, Mom Shizue, Rinko (Dorothy); Front (L to R): Fujiko/Fudge, Renko, Kinko/Rose.
Formal family photograph (ddr-densho-66-3)
img Formal family photograph (ddr-densho-66-3)
Fujii family: Rear (L to R): Renko, Seibo, June, Rinko, Joe, Fudge; Front (L to R): Frank/Shobo, Raisaku (Frank's dad), Daibo, Shizue (Mom), Kinko.
Family in their living room (ddr-densho-66-5)
img Family in their living room (ddr-densho-66-5)
L to R: Susao Mina Fujii, Frank Fujii, Frank's wife Michiko Fujii, Ann Maya Fujii.
Nisei couple (ddr-densho-66-6)
img Nisei couple (ddr-densho-66-6)
Frank S. Fujii with wife Mitch (Michiko).

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