Hashiguchi Collection


The Hashiguchi collection consists of personal photographs from the family of Mitsuko Hashiguchi, who was interviewed by Densho in 1998.



5 photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the Hashiguchi Family Collection

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Aerial view of farm land (ddr-densho-63-1)
img Aerial view of farm land (ddr-densho-63-1)
This farm land was owned by seven Japanese families including the Hashiguchis, whose land is on the far left. The other families were: Takeshita, Suguro, Aramaki, S. Aramaki, Furuta, and Maruyama.
Family photo (ddr-densho-63-2)
img Family photo (ddr-densho-63-2)
Back row (L to R): sons Les, Wayne, and Glenn. Front row (L to R): husband Mutsuo, Mitsuko. Husband was the sixth son of eight boys.
Family visiting Japan (ddr-densho-63-3)
img Family visiting Japan (ddr-densho-63-3)
L to R: Mitsuko Hashiguchi's aunt Makijan, sister Shizue, niece Jean, and sister Yoshie. The purpose of this trip was to visit Mitsuko's two sisters who were born in Japan and left there when their mother and father came to the U.S. They lived with their grandmother in Japan, were going to be educated in Japan …
Bellevue School District worker (ddr-densho-63-4)
img Bellevue School District worker (ddr-densho-63-4)
Borghild Ringdall, the woman who began the school lunch program in Bellevue, gave Mitsuko Hashiguchi a job with the school district. Mitsuko knew her from before World War II.
Workers packing school lunches (ddr-densho-63-5)
img Workers packing school lunches (ddr-densho-63-5)
Mitsuko Hashiguchi is in the foreground and Norma Warner is in back. Mitsuko is packing cold packs and Norma is packing hot foods at Bellevue High School. They had to begin cooking and packing at 5 a.m., and the lunches had to go out at 9 a.m. to be delivered to the schools. Mitsuko's husband was …