Makoto Otsu Collection


Four photos from Makoto Otsu and family



Four photos


Courtesy of Makoto Otsu Collection, Densho

4 Objects

Georgia Star (ddr-densho-473-1)
img Georgia Star (ddr-densho-473-1)
Colorized photograph of the ship Georgia Star on the water
Family portrait (ddr-densho-473-2)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-473-2)
Sepia photograph of family portrait with two parents and four children. Makoto Otsu standing at left.
Makoto Otsu (ddr-densho-473-3)
img Makoto Otsu (ddr-densho-473-3)
Sepia portrait of Makoto Otsu; "Feb 28th 1942 Makoto Otsu" written on the photograph in pen
Family outside house (ddr-densho-473-4)
img Family outside house (ddr-densho-473-4)
Black and white photo of family outside house; inscription in Japanese written on the back