C. Moxley Featherston Collection


This collection contains a photograph of the Featherston family at Minidoka and the autobiographical writings of C. Moxley Featherston. Featherston was an attorney with the War Relocation Authority from 1942-1945. He served as a Project Attorney in several camps including Minidoka, Gila River, and Amache (Granada). His autobiographical writing explores the war years, how he got the job at the War Relocation Authority, and his experiences working inside the incarceration camps.



1 photograph. 1 chapter of autobiographical writing


Courtesy of C. Moxley Featherston Collection, Densho

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Chapter 8: At War Relocation Authority (ddr-densho-472-1)
doc Chapter 8: At War Relocation Authority (ddr-densho-472-1)
Unpublished autobiographical writing by C. Moxley Featherston about the years he worked at the War Relocation Authority as an lawyer. The writing includes stories from his years a Project Attorney at Gala River, Granada, and Minidoka, and his thoughts about the legal arguments and politics surrounding the incarceration. He was involved in the building of the …
Featherston Family (ddr-densho-472-2)
img Featherston Family (ddr-densho-472-2)
Photograph of C. Moxley Featherston his wife Rose Featherston, and their son Ross Featherston at Minidoka.