Naomi Higaki Family Collection


108 photographs documenting the Higaki family. Naomi Higaki grew up in Redwood City, California where he attended school and graduated from Sequoia Union High School in 1942. When World War II started the family (except for Naomi's father Nobuo who had been sent to a detention camp) moved to Kimberly, Idaho in April 1942 where they were able to find work on a farm. In 1944, Naomi was drafted into the army and took basic training at Camp Wolters, Texas. After seventeen weeks of training, he was shipped to Europe. He was part of the first occupational troops to replace the combat soldiers. After seventeen months overseas he got back home safely. He received his honorable discharge at Camp Beales, California near Marysville. Upon his discharge Naomi helped his parents and brothers run their cut flower nursery business. In 1953 he married Mae Yoshiko Miwa and had two sons.



Accession 1: 96 photographs; Accession 2: 12 photographs; Accession 3: 1 home movie


Courtesy of Naomi Higaki Family Collection, Densho

109 Objects

Hay work (ddr-densho-458-1)
img Hay work (ddr-densho-458-1)
Seven people leaning on pitch forks, working with hay. Work horses and trailer full of hay also present. Far left is Shigeru Higaki and center is Naomi Higaki. Written on verso "Taken 1942 Kimberly, Idaho Hay work"
Group photo (ddr-densho-458-2)
img Group photo (ddr-densho-458-2)
Seven men, four women and a dog sitting for a photo. Seated is Harry Higaki and kneeling is Naomi Higaki. Left to right: Juichi Higaki, Chiyo Higaki, Nobuo Higaki, Mr. Nozaki, Shigeru Higaki, Mr. Okudda, Motoko Higaki, Emiko Higaki, and Tami Nozaki.
Naomi Higaki standing in front of a car. (ddr-densho-458-3)
img Naomi Higaki standing in front of a car. (ddr-densho-458-3)
Written on front: for Mae / As Always Naomi. Date on back: 5/11/1952
Joo and Higaki family outside on a dirt road (ddr-densho-458-4)
img Joo and Higaki family outside on a dirt road (ddr-densho-458-4)
Left to right: Masano Joo, Kishiro Joo, Asano Joo, Shigeru Higaki, Nobuo Higaki, Aiko Higaki, Motoko Higaki, Juichi Higaki, Tomiye Joo, and Emiko Higaki. Written on back: Taken January 21, 1946 / Joo and Higaki Family
Higaki children (ddr-densho-458-5)
img Higaki children (ddr-densho-458-5)
Six Higaki children, one in a stroller. Left to right: Juichi, Aiko, Emiko (seated), Harry, Naomi, and Shigeru. Caption on back in Japanese translated by donor as the children's names and date of August, 1931
Higaki family (ddr-densho-458-6)
img Higaki family (ddr-densho-458-6)
Six members of Higaki family on steps. Left to right: Shigeru, Juichi, Motoko, Emiko, Aiko, and Nobuo. Written on back: Taken June 2, 1946
Naomi Higaki holding two trout (ddr-densho-458-7)
img Naomi Higaki holding two trout (ddr-densho-458-7)
Written on photo back: "1942, Naomi and his first big trout caught at Rock Creek"
Higaki boys (ddr-densho-458-8)
img Higaki boys (ddr-densho-458-8)
Four Higaki children outside in a line, in front of tree. Left to right: Harry, Juichi, Shigeru, and Naomi.
Higaki boys (ddr-densho-458-9)
img Higaki boys (ddr-densho-458-9)
Four Higaki children outside gathered together. Front row-left to right: Naomi and Shigeru. Back row-left to right: Harry and Juichi. Boys appear to be about 3-6 years old.

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