Hiroshima politicians visit Seattle

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Bitow Family Collection

Members of the Seattle Hiroshima Club and the Mayor of Seattle pose with a delegation from Hiroshima in front of a United Airlines Mainliner 300 aircraft. From left to right, as cited in the "Seattle Hiroshima Club 1901-2001" book: Manabu Taniguchi, Genji Mihara, William F. Devin (Mayor of Seattle), Shinzo Hamai (Mayor of Hiroshima), Hisato Fujii, Tomohiko Hayashi (Consul of Japan), Tsunei Kusunose (Governor of Hiroshima), Yoshito Fujii, Ichimatsu Kihara, Masato Uyeda, Setsugo Hosokawa, Koichi Minato, Kiyoichi Miyahara, Niroku Shitamae, Yoshito Okada (kneeling), and Seiso Bitow (kneeling).



Still Image

  • Manabu Taniguchi
  • Genji Mihara
  • William F. Devin
  • Shinzo Hamai
  • Hisato Fujii
  • Tomohiko Hayashi
  • Tsunei Kusunose
  • Yoshito Fujii
  • Ichimatsu Kihara
  • Masato Uyeda
  • Setsugo Hosokawa
  • Koichi Minato
  • Kiyoichi Miyahara
  • Niroku Shitamae
  • Yoshito Okada
  • Seiso Bitow


Courtesy of the Bitow Family Collection, Densho