Drawing of the south side of Tanforan Assembly Center

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Kenneth Nobuji Iyeki Collection

Caption written by Kenneth Iyeki: "This is a scene on the south side of Tanforan. The eucalyptus trees were always green, a factor which helped to keep our morale up. The green houses in the background were the better stables, on the opposite side of the track from the 'common' planked horse shelters. These that were assigned to live in these green stables promptly tacked up signs above their doors such as 'Come Inn,' 'Hated St. Francis,' 'The Mark,' etc. The building in the foreground is a latrine building. The children would have climbed the trees but were afraid of getting shot at by the guards close by. One could easily have followed a great limb out over and beyond the fence."

August 9, 1942




Courtesy of the Kenneth Nobuji Iyeki Collection, Densho