Drawing from the center of the racetrack at Tanforan Assembly Center

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Kenneth Nobuji Iyeki Collection

Caption written by Kenneth Iyeki: "Here is a scene from the center of the racetrack. I often wondered how the horses felt when pounding down the stretch with the crowd screaming like mad. The building near the center to the left is a shower room. Beyond that, underneath the grandstand is the canteen where one could buy a limited amount from a limited stock. We were issued tickets, each booklet worth so much in trade we did not receive these tickets when we were supposed to. It is significant that two of those in charge of the camp are now in a federal prison. The wooden screen in the background is used to present those outside the gate from watching the races free."

August 30, 1942




Courtesy of the Kenneth Nobuji Iyeki Collection, Densho