Cast photo of kabuki performance

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Tokuda Family Collection

Line of seated young people in kimonos and stage makeup, costumed for a performance of "Meiboku Sendai Hagi" at the Nippon Kan Theatre. Printed and pasted on back of photograph: "A scene from a kabuki that pleased the Issei. Like their counterparts in Japan, the actors wore heavy makeup for the play. No photo credit needed." Written on back of photograph: "about 1935. Sendai Hagi - 1777 by Naka [Nagawa] Kamesuke. Kabuki play based on dispute over heirship of the House of Date". Written on accompanying material: "Tomi [Tomiko Inouye, sister of Tamako] - 3rd from L. Mom [Tamako Inouye] - 6th from L. On left - a boy whose mom forced him to dance".

c. 1935


Still Image


Courtesy of the Tokuda Family Collection, Densho