Propaganda letter about Greater East Asia Suicide Troops

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Hibiya Family Collection

Caption: Up to the present, the military leaders of Japan have reverantly remarked that the Greater East Asia Suicide (Shock) Troops were composed of hand picked men and their objective was to replinish the damages inflicted on Japan and eventually expel the Allied Forces from the Pacific. You have been coaxed along with the impression that the Greater East Asia Shock Troops were invincible, however let's stop to think this over a little bit!! Up to now, there hasn't been a single incident where the G.E.A.S.T. were successfully in checking the advance of the American Forces. Why is this? In comparison to the superior armaments possessed by the American forces those possessed by the Japanese forces are far inferior. No matter how powerful they may be, two Japanese planes can't possibly defeat 20 american planes. Open your eyes and think a little!! The military leaders on the mainland are concealing the fact that the Japan of today is extremely weak. No matter how boisterous and boastful they may be, it is impossible to replinish the inferior and limited amount of equipment and fuel.



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Courtesy of the Hibiya Family Collection, Densho