Political cartoon and a propaganda letter from Tatsushi Nakayama, prisoner of war

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Hibiya Family Collection

Caption: Contrary to Japanese propaganda I was really surprised at the unexpected kind treatment I received. Especially a thorough going treatment for the wounded gave me the impression that his could be done only in your country that is proud of a highly advanced materialistic civilization. The kindness by the crew expecially the surgeon and medics was unbelievable for an enemy country. I was really impressed that I found in them friendship of old standing. I am truly grateful. I wish to convey as soon as possible this wonderful experience of mine not only to Japan but to the whole world. In hopes that world peace may be restored in the near future. In closing let me pray that all the members of the crew are in good health and spirits. NAKAYAMA, Tatsushi Lt.jg Navy



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  • Ishikawa, Koyo


Courtesy of the Hibiya Family Collection, Densho