Leaflet dropped by enemy planes in Tachikawa city and Hachioji

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Hibiya Family Collection

Caption: Leaflet dropped by enemy planes picked up in the vicinity of Tachikawa city and Hachioji. (Tachikawa,Hachioji homen e tekiki jo yori sampu seru bira)
Your leaders are prevaricators
On the broadcasting network on the 14th a Japanese critic quoted Lt. Kurihara (SG) declaration that the Japanese forces caused enormous damages in the U.S. task force attacking Formosa. However, regardless of this fact he said that the U.S. may bomb Japan in the future. No matter how much your leaders may prevaricate Lt. Kurihara knowing that the war situation cannot be altered tried to vindicate himself in saying that the powerful U.S. forces will bomb Japan proper in the future. These planes are from the aircraft carriers that your leaders asserted as being sunk off Formosa. From these facts it should be clear that not even a single aircraft carrier was sunk.



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Courtesy of the Hibiya Family Collection, Densho