Ozaki Family Collection


Collection of 75 Ozaki family photographs from 1930s-1960s with images from Poston, pre-war LA, WWII deployment in India and Myanmar, post-war Chicago, Georgia, and Florida.




Courtesy of William and Hana Ozaki, Densho

76 Objects

Group photo (ddr-densho-373-2)
img Group photo (ddr-densho-373-2)
Photograph of 2 men and four women standing outside in a field
Children with toys (ddr-densho-373-3)
img Children with toys (ddr-densho-373-3)
Photograph of two children with toys outside a wooden structure. Written on the bottom of the photograph is "Xmas, 1947" in blue ink.
Man with fish (ddr-densho-373-4)
img Man with fish (ddr-densho-373-4)
Photograph of a man holding rod lined with fish.
Group of young women (ddr-densho-373-5)
img Group of young women (ddr-densho-373-5)
Photograph of 8 young women standing in a line outside. Written on the bottom of the photograph is "April 16, 1936" in blue ink.
Two children outside (ddr-densho-373-6)
img Two children outside (ddr-densho-373-6)
Photograph of 2 children dressed well standing together outside next to a chicken coop with two dogs in the background.
Family car (ddr-densho-373-7)
img Family car (ddr-densho-373-7)
Photograph of a man seated inside a car with his three daughters standing next to the car.
Children outside (ddr-densho-373-8)
img Children outside (ddr-densho-373-8)
Photograph of 6 children seated on the ground together outside.
Makeshift shower (ddr-densho-373-9)
img Makeshift shower (ddr-densho-373-9)
Photograph of a makeshift shower. Written along the bottom of the photograph is "Shower made from gas tank Burma" in blue ink.
Pinewood derby (ddr-densho-373-10)
img Pinewood derby (ddr-densho-373-10)
Photograph of two handmade wooden cars racing down a wooden ramp with a crowd watching. Several boy scouts can be seen along the rope line.

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