Sata Family Collection


The Sata Family Collection consists of a painting of Gila River by Dick Sata, one photograph of Gila River, and a presidential apology from Bill Clinton.

c. 1942


Collection includes 1 painting, 1 photograph, and 1 letter.


Courtesy of the Sata Family Collection, Densho

3 Objects

Painting (ddr-densho-371-1)
img Painting (ddr-densho-371-1)
A painting by Dick Sata of a concentration camp, most likely the Gila River camp.
Gila River camp (ddr-densho-371-2)
img Gila River camp (ddr-densho-371-2)
A photo of the Gila River concentration camp in Arizona. Caption on back: "Concentration camp, Gila, Arizona, 1942"