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The Nobuko Omoto Collection consists of a scrapbook kept by Nobuko Sakai Omoto to remember the Bainbridge Island Japanese American community and their removal during World War II. Nobuko's scrapbook includes newspaper clippings from the local Seattle newspapers which were sent by her friend Phyllis Waltz Jones while Nobuko was incarcerated in Manzanar. Other content in the scrapbook includes: clippings from the Manzanar Free Press, a map of camp, War Relocation Authority documents, and other notes.



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Courtesy of the Nobuko Omoto Collection, Densho

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Scrapbook (ddr-densho-361-1)
img Scrapbook (ddr-densho-361-1)
Written on tape on cover: "This scrapbook is original--1942 Nobuko Omoto (Sakai) Bainbridge Island, WA. Please handle with care."
Party invitation (ddr-densho-361-4)
img Party invitation (ddr-densho-361-4)
Handwritten invitation to the Bussei Installation social
Pumpkin-shaped invitation (ddr-densho-361-5)
img Pumpkin-shaped invitation (ddr-densho-361-5)
Written inside: "Please accept this invitation and start your preparation for a joyful celebration with a happy aggregation--enjoy participation in the fun and recreation at Halloween Mixer, November 7, &:00 P.M. 15-15 Bring your friends"

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