Letter and photos to Yuri Domoto from Yoshito Shibata

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Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection

Letter and three photographs to Yuriko Domoto Tsukada from Yoshito Shibata. In the letter he talks about the things he has seen on the front, his feelings on death, news from their hometowns and mutual friends, and his opinion on if Yuri should relocate. Mailed with the letter are three photographs, the first one is of Yoshito Shibata and is signed by him. The second is of three Nisei soldiers, identified left to right as S/Sgt. Dick Yamane of New York, S/Sgt. Toshi Ogawa of Oakland, and Yoshito Shibata. The final image is of an unknown young woman.





Courtesy of Yuriko Domoto Tsukada Collection, Densho