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Standard Oil Company Gas card (ddr-densho-355-155)
doc Standard Oil Company Gas card (ddr-densho-355-155)
Issued to Gentaro Takahashi as employee of Wagstaff Coffee Company
Admission ticket for Lecture (ddr-densho-355-156)
doc Admission ticket for Lecture (ddr-densho-355-156)
Delta Mu Delta Public Lecture by Dean of College of Business Administration at Boston University.
Photo of family (ddr-densho-355-171)
img Photo of family (ddr-densho-355-171)
Note on envelope: "Copy of Mom and Dad with relatives in Inaka. 5/11/28." Individuals identified on back of photo.
Bill of Sale (ddr-densho-355-174)
doc Bill of Sale (ddr-densho-355-174)
"Bill of Sale \ I herby agree to sell this first day of June to Gilbert E. Gremici one General Electric table model for the sum of ($50.00) fifty dollars. \ H.S. Takayoshi"

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