Ami Kinoshita Collection


The Ami Kinoshita Collection is comprised of nine photographs from the family's personal collection. These photos, mostly taken in pre-war era, depict Ami Kinoshita's wedding day, honeymoon, and her family in Oregon and Washington. One photo was taken at Minidoka.

c. 1935-1949

c. 1940s

Nine photographs


Courtesy of the Ami Kinoshita Collection

9 Objects

Wedding portrait (ddr-densho-322-1)
img Wedding portrait (ddr-densho-322-1)
The wedding of Kazuo Kinshita and Ami Nakao at the Oregon Buddhist Temple in Portland.
Wedding reception (ddr-densho-322-2)
img Wedding reception (ddr-densho-322-2)
Ami Kinoshita, dressed in kimono, and her husband Kazuo at their wedding reception.
Couple outdoors (ddr-densho-322-3)
img Couple outdoors (ddr-densho-322-3)
Ami and Kazuo Kinoshita on their honeymoon as Yosemite National Park.
Couple (ddr-densho-322-5)
img Couple (ddr-densho-322-5)
Mr. and Mrs. Kinoshita (Kazuo and Ami) standing together outside in Gresham, Oregon.
Bridesmaid portrait (ddr-densho-322-7)
img Bridesmaid portrait (ddr-densho-322-7)
Ami Kinoshita in bridesmaid gown for her brother's wedding in Seattle, Washington.
Family portrait (ddr-densho-322-8)
img Family portrait (ddr-densho-322-8)
A portrait of the Kinoshita family. Standing in back: Kazuo and Yoshio Kinoshita. Seated, left to right: Kise, Masao, and Tokuji Kinoshita. Not pictured: daughter Mary Kinoshita Asakawa, who was spending a year in Hiroshima, Japan.
Woman holding baby (ddr-densho-322-9)
img Woman holding baby (ddr-densho-322-9)
Ami Kinoshita holding Jayne Kinoshita Ichikawa at Minidoka.