Etsuko Osaki Collection


The Etsuko Osaki Collection is comprised of photographs from the personal family collection of Etsuko Osaki, a Japanese American who was interviewed by Densho in 2013. The photographs depict the lives of Etsuko's family during internment and after the war.

c. 1940 - 2012

c. 1940 - 1948

five photographs


Courtesy of the Etusko Osaki Collection

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Buddhist ministers at Sante Fe internment camp (ddr-densho-310-1)
img Buddhist ministers at Sante Fe internment camp (ddr-densho-310-1)
A group photograph of the Buddhist ministers interned at Sante Fe internment camp. Etsuko Osaki's father, Tatsuya Ichikawa, is in the second row, third from the left. Ichikawa was picked up by the FBI in April 1942. He remained separated from his family for two years before they reunited in Crystal City internment camp.
Group of Issei and Nisei in front of barrack (ddr-densho-310-2)
img Group of Issei and Nisei in front of barrack (ddr-densho-310-2)
Ichikawa family in front of their barrack at Minidoka concentration camp. Also pictured are family friends, Yahachi Suzuki and Mr. Hino. (Front Row, left to right) Akira Ichikawa, Hiroko Ichikawa (Back Row, left to right) Satoru Ichikawa, Mr. Hino, Etsuko Ichikawa, Yasashi Ichikawa, Shinya Ichikawa (In Yasahi's arms), Kazuya Ichikawa, Noriko Ichikawa, Yahachi Suzuki
Issei couple (ddr-densho-310-3)
img Issei couple (ddr-densho-310-3)
Issei couple Rev. Tatsuya Ichikawa and Mrs. Yasashi Ichikawa. Rev. Ichikawa was riban at Seattle Buddhist Church for many years.
Issei minister and family (ddr-densho-310-4)
img Issei minister and family (ddr-densho-310-4)
Ichikawa family portrait. (Front row, left to right) Akira, Tatsuya, Shinya, Yasashi, Hiroko (Back row, left to right) Noriko, Satoru, Etsuko, Kazuya
Nisei teachers and family (ddr-densho-310-5)
img Nisei teachers and family (ddr-densho-310-5)
Osaki family portrait. (Front row, left to right) Lora Wahl, Husband Osaki, Etsuko Osaki, Lynn Hishinuma (Back row, left to right) Jill Standridge, Alan Osaki, Dean Osaki