Ted Akimoto's Army Photographer patch

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Theodore Akimoto Family Collection

Caption: "At the end of WWII I was fortunate enough to be Photo Assignment Officer for the Signal Photo / division of the Supreme Command Allied Powers (SCAP) in Tokyo, Japan. Our responsibilities / were to take all newsworthy still photographs and newsreels requested by the Public Information / Office of SCAP. All photos taken in Japan, except for the surrender ceremony on the USS / Missouri (US Navy Photos), were taken by our outfit. Our outfit was like a "Mash" organization as / we had a very laid back commanding officer, one obnoxious captain, a warrant officer who was / like "Radar" and could solve any problem with administration and supply, photographers who / learned quickly, a great sergeant who would cover my desk whenever I went out on interesting / assignments, Worsham (my buddy) who was in charge of the photo labs 20 Japanese personnel, / and a jeep of my own. We also had a special ID card issued by General MAcArthur's office which / stated, 'The bearer will not be interfered with in the performance of his duties' which meant / we could even go into 'off limit' areas with impunity. Truly a dream assignment."



Still Image


Courtesy of the Theodore Akimoto Family Collection