Japanese American and white men and boys at St. Marks church

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Yasui Family Collection

Caption by Homer Yasui: "St. Marks Church in Hood River, showing [Masuo Yasui], several Issei men, a Caucasian minister, and remarkably, a Japanese minister not Isaac Inouye. St. Marks was either a Catholic or Episcopalian church--or maybe it was a Lutheran church. In any event, the two clerics are wearing their collars backwards, as Catholic and Episcopalian priests do. I can't figure out what was going on in this picture. Most of the Issei man [sic], but not all, were Methodists: people such as [Masuo], Katsusaburo Tamura, Yeitaro (or Eitaro) Yamaki, Shinjiro Sumoge, Ikutaro Takagi, and Kamematsu Norimatsu, who were all present. Sagoro Asai was a devout Buddhist, but I don't know the religious persuasions of Yoshitomo Kyono and Yoshizaemon Mori, although it seems to me that they were Christians too. Three little kids are standing in front. One of them looks like Taeko Norimatsu, and the middle one looks like Henry Norimatsu."


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Courtesy of the Yasui Family Collection

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