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img "'Coronata'-'Carrara'-Marble Rock" (ddr-densho-201-226)
Caption on front: "'Coronata'-'Carrara'-Marble Rock." Caption on side: "Had to climb over the mountain in the background before Carrara."
Portrait of a German soldier (ddr-densho-201-230)
img Portrait of a German soldier (ddr-densho-201-230)
Caption on side: "German I [Masao Sakagami] killed with Stanley Kimura's tommy gun, April '45."
img "Jim & I on Ponte Vecchio (old bridge)" (ddr-densho-201-233)
Two Japanese American soldiers on a bridge. Caption on front: "Jim & I on Ponte Vecchio (old bridge)."
Florence Cathedral (ddr-densho-201-236)
img Florence Cathedral (ddr-densho-201-236)
Florence Cathedral, or the Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence, Italy.
img "Leghorn Italy 'Paramount Theatre'" (ddr-densho-201-237)
Caption on front: "Leghorn [a.k.a. Livorno] Italy 'Paramount Theatre.' Went to see movie in Leghorn by the dirty canal. Kids swam in it."
img "'Leghorn City Square' (Hitch Hike Square)" (ddr-densho-201-238)
Caption on front: "Leghorn [a.k.a. Livorno] City Square (Hitch Hike Square)."
img "Beautiful Switzerland" (ddr-densho-201-239)
Woman standing in front of a farm building, her back turned. Caption on front: "Beautiful Switzerland."
img "Hay Cutting" (ddr-densho-201-241)
Swiss farmland. Caption on front: "Hay Cutting."
img "Engelburg" (ddr-densho-201-242)
Rooftops and mountains in Switzerland. Caption on front: "Engelburg."
img "Swiss Flag" (ddr-densho-201-243)
Man in swimwear in front of a Swiss flag. Caption on front: "Swiss Flag."
img "Davos - Jim" (ddr-densho-201-244)
Man in swimwear in front of a Swiss flag. Caption on front: "Davos - Jim."
img "Davos Church" (ddr-densho-201-245)
Church spire. Caption on front: "Davos Church."
img "'Margelane' my Girl Friend" (ddr-densho-201-246)
Japanese American man and young girl on ski slopes. Caption on front: "'Margelane' my Girl Friend."
img "Strolling" (ddr-densho-201-247)
Couple strolling down a path. Caption on front: "Strolling."
Snow-covered town (ddr-densho-201-248)
img Snow-covered town (ddr-densho-201-248)
Snow-covered town, possibly the bottom of ski slopes.
Three soldiers posed (ddr-densho-201-249)
img Three soldiers posed (ddr-densho-201-249)
Japanese American and white soldiers posed with their arms around each other.

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