Bain Collection


The Bain collection, 1920s-1940s, focuses on the daily and recreational activities of the Nishimura and Yorita families, originally from Seattle, Washington. This collection contains several photographs of farming, fishing, and swimming. The majority of the collection focuses on the incarceration of the two families at Minidoka, Idaho, and Tule Lake, California. Many photographs document their jewelry-making activities at Tule Lake. Densho interviewed collection donor Peggie Bain in 2004.



68 photographic prints, black and white


Courtesy of the Bain Family Collection

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Family and friends on farm (ddr-densho-2-1)
img Family and friends on farm (ddr-densho-2-1)
The Nishimura family and friends on their farm in Seattle, Washington. Left to right: Kumataro Nishimura, Kadju Nishimura, Emily Herold holding Mary Nakashige, Peggie Yorita, Patsy Yorita, Tom Nishimura, Jiro Matsumura, Harry Oki (behind Matsumura), Hanni Nishimura, and Alex Ando.
Mother with children on farm (ddr-densho-2-2)
img Mother with children on farm (ddr-densho-2-2)
Patsy, Peggie, and Jimmie Yorita on the Nishimura family farm.
Fujin Home (ddr-densho-2-3)
img Fujin Home (ddr-densho-2-3)
The Fujin Home, which was affiliated with the Christian Baptist Church, was located at 11th and Spruce in Seattle, Washington. It offered shelter for people such as orphans, the handicapped, and women who were recently divorced or widowed and who had nowhere else to go. Various types of classes and social activities were organized by the …
Corsage made of shells (ddr-densho-2-4)
img Corsage made of shells (ddr-densho-2-4)
This corsage pin was made by a Japanese American in camp. The flower petals and leaves are made from various types of shells found at the camp. She used toothbrush bristles dipped in cornmeal for stamens and wound the stems by hand with fine green thread. Wire from screen windows was used to put the pin …
Two children on a farm (ddr-densho-2-6)
img Two children on a farm (ddr-densho-2-6)
Patsy and Jimmie Yorita play in a farm field.
Woman en route to the shower (ddr-densho-2-7)
img Woman en route to the shower (ddr-densho-2-7)
Kadju Nishimura of Block 26 is on her way to take a shower. Note the Japanese clogs, called geta, that she is wearing. Geta enabled her to keep her feet clean while she walked through the dirt and mud.

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