Pomona Center News Vol. I No. 21 (August 5, 1942)

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ddr-densho-193-21 (Legacy UID: denshopd-i193-00021)

Pomona Center News Collection

Selected article titles: "300 Workers to Leave Sunday" (p. 1), "No Packages After August 14" (p. 1), "Boxes Now Available" (p. 1), "US Regulations Ban Gifts for Division Heads" (p. 1), "Center Store to Remain Open" (p. 1), "Our New Home Nears Completion" (p. 2), "Borrowed Articles From Hospital Must Be Returned" (p. 2), "Ant Poison Available" (p. 2), "1000 to Participate in Obon Festival Saturday" (p. 4).

August 5, 1942




Courtesy of the Hoover Institution Library

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Copyright restricted