Pinedale Logger Vol. I No. 2 (May 30, 1942)

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Pinedale Logger Collection

Selected Article Titles: "Election Wednesday. Polls to be Open 8 to 6, All Over 16 Allowed to Vote" (p. 1), "Memorial Day by the Reverend Daisuke Kitagawa" (p. 1), "Clinic Hours Announced by Hospital Babies May Have Special Food" (p. 1), "Tacoma Boy Suffers Broken Collarbone" (p. 2), "Inductees Urged to Report New Address" (p. 2), "Tray Service" (p. 2), "Ambitious Kent Lad First Center Farmer" (p. 2), "Talent Wanted for Center Amateur Show" (p. 3), "Piano Brought Thru Voluntary Donations" (p. 3), "Radios Off at 10" (p. 3), "Unseasonal Weather Creates Blanket Rush" (p. 6), "Pinedale Population Increased to 4683" (p. 7), "Labor Statistics Show Mess Crew Holds Majority; Office Workers Next" (p. 8), "Washday Problems Being Solved by Man" (p. 8).

May 30, 1942




Courtesy of the Hoover Institution Library

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Copyright restricted