Pinedale Logger Vol. I No. 2 (May 23, 1942)

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Pinedale Logger Collection

Selected Article Titles: "Self-Governing Body for Center Planned. Election Next Week" (p. 1), "Candidates for Block Election Announced" (p. 1), "Canteen Opens with Capacity Business" (p. 1), "Pinedale Quota Passes Half Mark" (p. 1), "Local Gov't to Stress Democracy. Service Director King Praises Nisei" (p. 1), "Mumps Chicken Pox Claim 7 Patients" (p. 1), "Inoculations Held" (p. 2), "Keep Center Clean" (p. 3).

May 23, 1942




Courtesy of the Hoover Institution Library

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Copyright restricted